Recreate your focus

Often times at the start of a new goal, we are ambitious and motivated, enthusiastically taking on new challenges. As time goes on out enthusiasm dwindles and our actions become routine and spineless.

If you are reading this you maybe your goals seem like good ideas for the distant future and maybe not so much as attainable as they once were.

I want to take a second to reignite the flame that once burned for your dreams.

Take a moment to reflect on the things that you want to see shift in your life. Really envision what life would be like if you were able to accomplish the thinngs that you most desire. Think about how it would cause all other aspects of your life to shift and who you would be as a result of this change.

Write down the goals you want to accomplish. Now consider what has stopped you from accomplishing those goals. write down at least two things that have hindered you in the past. As you think about those things come up with three ways that you could work around each of those obstacles.

Once completed ask yourself, why can’t you accomplish this. Sometimes our fears get in the way of our accomplishments. If we are not careful we will reduce our dreams to good ideas and topics of conversation.

You are more than capable of accomplishing your goals. Take this time to recreate your focus. forgive yourself of any short comings and go after what you really want.










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