Can you image looking in the mirror at your age and seeing a reflection of the younger you staring back at you?

We all have a child-like nature inside. Could you image looking into a mirror at your age and seeing a reflection of the younger you staring back at you? What condition would your inner child appear to be in? What kind of expression would be on their face? Have you taken time to nurture him or her lately? If you had the opportunity to have only one conversation with your inner child what would you tell yourself? It’s never too late to do or be what you could have done or become, until you choose not to. Will you allow your childhood experiences to make you bitter or better? The choice is yours to make.

Even as adults there are times when we may have caught a glimpse of our inner child. It can be triggered by watching children play, hearing a familiar nursery rhyme or lullaby, watching an old television program from childhood, seeing a child dressed in similar clothing to those that you may have won as a child, or taking a stroll down memory lane with a sibling; relative, family member, neighbor, or childhood friend. If you have not seen or felt your inner child lately make a conscious effort to look through photo albums or go through those sentimental items that you have kept tucked away from over the years. You can even take time to talk with a parent or caregiver about the type of child you were growing up. Could your inner child be knocking on the door of your heart ❤️ saying, “Will you come out and play today, pretty please?”

We all have to nurture our inner child occasionally. Your inner child may show itself most often during times of disappointment, sickness, broken promises, or when you are emotional. What grows from the roots of our past will not and cannot be securely supported if we do not take time to prune ourselves in order to ensure that the foundation is insecure and free from the threat of addictions, habits, soul ties, trauma, friendships/relationships, and unhealthy patterns that are designed to corrupt growth. No matter how long it has been your inner child is still in there, you may just have to move some things around and out of the way to find them. It is definitely a treasure hunt worth participating in. The good news is that we have help. It says in 2 Corinthians 4:7 📖 that “We now have this light shining in our hearts, but we ourselves are like fragile clay jars containing this great treasure. This makes it clear that our great power is from God, not from ourselves.” (New Living Translation) With His power, we can face, confront, and overcome our past so that complete and total healing and deliverance can take place. 

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