Relating as Siblings

Managing emotions towards Forgiveness

While it has been said every child living in the same household experiences their lives differently, it holds true for many of us. With 2021 being so prominently in need of stability, after drifting from 2020’s life altering circumstances it causes the mind to consider other aspects of life that we need to relate to differently.

When recalling my own existence of the past I have to acknowledge the need to get clear of relating to siblings with a perspective that when accepting someone’s truth as they see it, I must express the awareness that the only factors are their own view of their experiences. In shifting my own existence and playing small as a means to just exist in peace I gave the impression that I didn’t matter. As life went on and everyone’s world changed in different directions¬† it became apparent during the years of age related illnesses endured by both parents that stepping into a new role of caregiver was not a choice to be made, yet it was a role assigned.¬†

Relating to siblings can be a positive experience as well as a negative one when decision-making time approaches, lifestyles are shifted, responsibility is placed and then someone walks away as if the situation doesn’t involve them. Yet after all is said and done they are the ones who become resentful of the shared experiences had with family members during those crucial times.¬†

Many times behaviors are expressed to be hurtful in an emotional manner, removing personal items out of midst of others, barring members from family residence all to diminish their feelings of hurt from lack of involvement. In times like this best practice is to decide on Forgiveness and lay down all ill-feelings in order to move on to better days. There is no way of changing someone’s truth as they believe it, changing your mindset to hold yourself in higher regard and begin walking into your future with knowledge of the strength, compassion, and empathy for others you gained through the experiences you endured will permit you to obtain happiness within yourself and accept the reality of relating to a sibling in adulthood will be conditional.¬†

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