Be Hopeful!

"Don’t you know that God’s grace is sufficient? Have you not realized that God forgave you when you repented for all of your sins; do you hear me; all of your sins…and threw them in the sea of forgetfulness! I don’t care if others remember your faults and want to throw it in your face a thousand times. God is why we are here! God is who we need to impress! God is the only One who matters! He is the One who loves you unconditionally; that is why He wants you to love again and to be loved by whom He puts together with you; formed from your rib, and placed before you! Not with someone you think, guess, or assume, but with someone you know without a shadow of a doubt God positioned in your life" (Miles, 2011, p. 167).

Make Every Effort in Believing “In Him” & Each Other, Together!

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