Relationship Goals

Do you need relationship goals? YES

Goals are needed in order to make advancements in life. Goals are also a huge part of relationships. There are many qualities that need to be present in a relationship in order for it to be healthy. One thing that needs to be present in relationships are goals. Healthy relationships take time to plan in order to meet future goals. Setting goals with your significant other puts you on the same page and ensures a constant flow of communication. Think about it this way, your employer establishes goals in order to create success and to keep employees on the same page. This is the same concept that you should apply with your significant other. If you have not communicated your goals with each other, then it is easy to find yourself on different pages and wondering why you feel that you have outgrown each other. It is fine to maintain your individuality in your relationship but healthy relationships are those who set specific goals that promote communication and planning for the present and future. 

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