Relationship or Situationship? How to Know the Difference

"A healthy relationship is two people building connections through communication, consistency, and compassion"

In recent years the term “situationship” has been created to define a relationship that is undefined, unhealthy, and in which one or more persons feel stuck. It can happen when a relationship has run its course or when two people want different things, but for whatever reasons the two people continue to hold on. People in situationships usually lack peace, are confused, feel unfulfilled, and unsatisfied. In a healthy relationship, there is no confusion, the two people are working together to create positive connections and joyful experiences. They seek to meet each other’s needs through healthy communication, consistency, and compassion. A healthy relationship is two people willing to compromise and met each other’s needs for the betterment of the relationship. It’s not “me” focused, but “we” focused. Below I have 5 tips for avoiding/overcoming a situationship:

1) Know Your Worth. If you want to win in the world of relationships, you have to know your worth. You have to know what you deserve and be unwilling to tolerate anything less.

2) Love Yourself. Self-love is the foundation of all your relationships. If you allow people to mistreat you, abuse you, and use you you haven’t learned to love yourself. Until you learn to be happy with yourself, you will never be happy in a relationship.

3) Have Standards. Every person should have standards for their life and relationships. They protect you and keep the wrong people out of your life.

4) Set Boundaries. People who constantly overstep your boundaries don’t love or respect you. Love and respect are necessities in a relationship and you need them both.

5) Be Willing to Let People Go. You must love yourself enough to let the wrong one go so that the right one can enter your life. You deserve the best!

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