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Relationships ...... they are what we make them!

This post is near and dear to my heart, as it has been my desire for some time, to help create, and maintain, and promote, Healthy, Happy, Relationships.  

I have a Podcast by the same name, and I created the Podcast, in an effort for people to be ok, with making their own rules for relationships.  You see what is normal or typical for me and my partner, may not be ideal for you and yours and vice versa.  I think that most people think that we are always supposed to just be put into this box and Relationships are supposed to go one way, and there is no other way.  I think that people are scared to be their true authentic selves in relationships as they are consistently thinking about and caring what others think.  Here is a great example, I will use my last relationship as an example.  I married my husband within a couple months of us running into each other.  I had many naysayers, tell me that it was too soon, that we didn’t know each other long enough, that we had to date, how in the world could I possibly think about getting married and so on, and so on.   I am not sure about y’all, but I believe in Love at First Sight.  I also believe that just because some of my friends thought that it was too soon, that it was ultimately my decision.  It could flop and I will look back and say wow, maybe I should have listened, or maybe I will look back in 20 years and say wow!!!!  Look at GOD and look at Love.  I married the love of my life within months and now we’re 20 years in.  Only GOD knows the outcome of any situation, but in the meantime, I will live by My Rules, My Way for my relationships.  I believe that in this day and age, people should do what makes them happy.  Date who you want to date, marry whom you want to marry,  and just be happy.  I want to go back a little bit and just let you guys know that Relationship Rules is not just about intimate relationships and romantic relationships, we talk about all types of relationships:  Friendships, Workships, Hangships, Siblingships, Parentships, Cousinships, Strangerships, etc.  ALL Relationships, we do not discriminate.  

If you would like to hear more about all things Relationships, I invite you to check out my Podcast on Anchor, Apple, Google Play Spotify, Stitcher, Deezer, PocketCasts, and RadioWave Radio Station.  We are back on the AIR with our 1st show returning Tuesday, May 5, 2020 @ 7:45 PM EST. 

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