Relationships Don’t Have to Struggle During COVID-19

Is COVID creating a strain on you and your partner? Well, it doesn’t have to apply anymore pressure to an already uncertain time. Check out these tips to not only maintain your relationship, but to thrive. 

Practice Intentional Kindness

This means each day find a method to demonstrate a simple kind act. This could mean you gave a sincere compliment or perhaps do a kind deed such as washing the dishes, folding the clothes, or sending a funny joke to inspire a laugh.

Take it Outside 

This sounds like a simple idea, but during this time it more important than ever to spice things with an addition of the refreshing outdoors. A simple lunch can be eaten at the park or perhaps you take a stroll around your neighborhood. Be creative!

Find Your Own Space & Time

Each day find time to spend at least 15 minutes by yourself doing a positive activity. This time could be spent walking in place, mediating, praying, listening to your favorite album, developing goals, doing yoga, or creating a craft. Any positive activity you find refreshing can boost your mindset and help both you and your partner. 

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