Who is Your Source?

"Stick to the consistency through the pain, not the expectation of perfection. "Freedom is not contingent upon your circumstances, freedom is contingent upon your hunger, to be free." J.L.

“Relationships survive on the oxygen given from, the urgency in your reliance, on the competence from you source, in which your relationship¬† thrives.”

    Relationships= Survival+Oxygen+Urgency+Reliability+Competence=Efficiency. 

    Perfection? Most common unrealistic notion, humanity has put on the backs of mere mortals.  Having said that, we are all capable of making the same missteps and functioning from similar limitations. Perfection is not the prerequisite to achieving happiness. I firmly believe, proper assessment of your source, will produce tailored made balance, through your freedom journey. I believe, this will be the difference that brings you genuine joy.  

¬† ¬† Human nature? inexorable. The standard to achieving excellence, is a good standard to have. Though, the inevitability of being “human” is no excuse to lower the standards of maintaining excellence. We are all growing, to learn more and learning more to continue growing. Don’t settle when your growth is innately inevitable.

¬† ¬† Believing? Reflex. If your local news broadcasting network gives an update of heavy rain storms, heading in your direction at the time you’ll be heading out for the day, what is your innate response? You may begin to prepare for the rain, but how? You’ll bring an umbrella and/or dress accordingly. Why? You simply believed in the reliability of what was behind the source of the forecast by the meteorologist.. “Science” you exercised your faith muscles immaculately. You have now not only built a relationship with the source of the meteorologist, you chose to take action. This innate reflex¬† is how we know, we are capable of choosing our source, unhesitatingly. Our beliefs antecede our actions, based upon the reliability we have in the source, whom we ultimately build relationship with. What’s been your source?

¬† ¬† Freedom? Attainable for all. Doubt is the agent for stagnation. The way out of doubts quicksand is; to pour in truth, pour in hope, not feelings, circumstance or anxiety. Filling up your cup with the truth, behind your doubt is not unbearable, it is attainable. What does this mean? Circumstance may tell you, “I am heart broken,” the truth you pour into yourself is, “this pain is a temporary emotional detoxing necessary for shedding, in order to produce wings of freedom.”¬†

¬† ¬† Pain doesn’t feel pleasant, equally important, pain does not eliminate you from making it to the side of recovery; pain thrust you into the healing process. No worries, your beauty for all your ashes, is coming like a flood. Stick to the consistency through the pain, not the expectation of achieving perfection through it. Implement all the strategy you acquired in this season of discomfort and pain, in order to make it to the next steps of freedom. This is the truth behind your doubt,¬† freedom is yours.

¬† ¬† “Freedom is not contingent upon your circumstances, freedom is contingent upon your hunger, to be free.¬† Freedom is already yours. Let’s believe it together.” J.L.

Your source + Your relationship = Detectable. Who is your source? 

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