Relax! Take Care Of You…

It is Life for things to happen outside of your control. God must allow us to realize HE is ultimately the one in CHARGE. In this season, learn this and except it; go and be good to yourself while you realize first things first. So many of us have our priorities in the wrong place; while making a living for ourselves is important, equally so is taking time to relax and take care of ourselves; acknowledge and appreciate our families and friends...Make every hour count during this time of relaxation and prioritizing. GOD FIRST, SPOUSE, CHILDREN, MINISTRY, THEN CAREERS.... Out of Purpose your careers will build!!!!

Hello, during this season and time while the whole of the nation is being shut down and advised to shut in for the most part RELAX!!!! Take Care of yourself and find something positive to do. It is so much to do in life; I am not saying that paying your bills is not important, but some things we have NO control over. There are programs available to assist with bills: Rent, lights, food etc. Be sure and eat proper, read a book, mediate and ask yourself what is it that I like to do, or would like to learn to do? research online; write a song, book, blog; complete unfinished tasks: such as sorting through paperwork and getting rid of what is not needed any longer, finish a project you started; catch up on your favorite shows or movies; spend time reading to or talking with your children imparting standards and principles; these are just a few ideas; it is so much to do with your free time. Always remember, you have the right to create your environment, and not to let your environment create you! Simply spend time resting and relaxing; playing a game or calling someone you have not talked to in a long time.  Make a positive life for yourself and be the best you. READ THE WORD OF GOD; Listen to the Word of God and get it in your Spirit, study and research the passages or words within the scriptures; it is so much to consider; take the necessary vitamins needed on time daily; practice being consistent;  exercise in the house; again Make a life for yourself. Love Love and continue to show Love! LOVE YOUR FAMILY! And most of all LOVE YOU!

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