Reluctance to share

Accepting support during crisis

The only words you recall was “have a seat I just reviewed your test results” from that point it all sounded like “blah,blah, blah” and your mind is reeling. You sit through the balance of the appointment listening to the treatment options and the physician state different plans of care, then you ask ” can I have a moment?” you then catch your breath.

As you’re leaving the office all the sounds around you are so intensely loud, after getting into the car you rest behind the wheel and you sit for moments on end. Question arise “who can I share this with, can I trust it won’t be  shared to others?” Suddenly your phone rings, you answer ” hey, yes everything’s going well and what about yourself. ” sliding back into your helping role.

Well right now you are the priority, your health and wellness is a necessity for the coming months. Having a listening ear and someone who can withstand the emotional impact this recent diagnosis has had on you, without expressing undo stress onto your already full plate.

Opportunity is knocking ” Hello” taking time to seek support at your leisure and in an economical way will provide the assist needed at this juncture of your life. Being able to speak freely, without hesitation and with no fear of upsetting the other person allows clarity to move forward in a positive manner, working along side of you will allow us to achieve a balance of emotional stability which will impact your physical health.

Seek out assistance today and better equip yourself for the journey Life has in front of you, if you’re interested in talking I’m available and look forward to hearing from you and supporting your goals toward success.

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