Remember You

One thing this pandemic made most of use face was that we had too many goals or lacked drive to establish goals. As the pandemic continues and we drift closes to 2021, we also need to look at self-love. Self-love influences many areas in our life and is extremely important to your welfare. 


What is self-love? Did you know that seeking a makeover or a new relationship does not increase your self-love? Self-love develops through your physical, psychological and spiritual growth. Self-love matures from your actions that take care of your needs. Self-love is going for what you deserve rather than settling for less. Are you settling? When was the last time you prioritized your needs or desires?


Sometimes we put a million things before our own needs which may leave you feeling defeated. The most important goal you should have is to prioritize yourself. It’s okay to take time where you only focus on yourself. I am telling you TODAY that it is okay to say NO. STOP agreeing to do things you don’t have the time for. Remember, In order to put energy into other things, you must make time to refuel your tank. 

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