How to deal with delays and detours on the road of life...

Detour Ahead…Road Closed…

Many of us HATE to see the above signs, especially unexpectedly. It does something to us when we’re driving, expecting to get somewhere by a certain time, and we’re met with these signs!  
Maybe because it’s an inconvenience, it wasn’t in our plans, we’re now faced with having to do something different and it’ll probably throw off our routine. 
Life has a way of detouring us too at times. What happens to our minds when this happens? Let’s explore this…
We have a plan. We know exactly how we’ll reach a life goal and exactly how long it should take to get there. We’re excited, we’re focused, and we’re determined. We start off strong towards our goal and feel like we’re moving along smoothly…until we see a sign ahead…ROAD CLOSED…wait a minute…what!! We can’t get through. For some reason the way to our goal that we mapped out is no longer available. We find our excitement and determination turning into frustration and disappointment. Our focus that was on our goal is now on the road…What are we going to do NOW?! 
The inconvenience…
Nuisance, disrupt, disturb…these are all synonymous for inconvenience. When our life routine is disrupted, it disturbs us, and that becomes a nuisance. We do not like having our personal preferences changed without our say. We feel off centered immediately. 
Our plans…
In our minds, our plans are the best and only option for reaching our goals. We’ve thought about it and created a strategy for how we want it done…then, seemingly out of nowhere…DETOUR ahead…How dare something come along and challenge our way?! We decide which way to go and how to get there! We feel threatened and disrespected. 
Doing something different…
The unfamiliar in the unknown often paralyzes us. It causes us to exhibit a bit of fear, as our insecurities surface. What does this unfamiliar way involve? What are we to expect along the way? How can we navigate something we don’t know? All are valid questions when we see the life sign…GO ANOTHER WAY…
Our routine…
We’ve done certain things a certain way since forever it seems. It’s our way, it’s how we flow. Now we’re rerouted and must learn something new. We’re comfortable with our own routine. We don’t want to get adapted to a new one that we didn’t even choose. 
Let’s stop and look directly at the signs in front of us and let our life trip be altered a bit. Then let’s see how to navigate from here. 
We must look at potential reasons for this inconvenience in order to understand it. Why might a literal road be closed? Maybe there’s a power line down after a storm, an unfortunate accident occured, or something deeper. Maybe something happened under the road that caused an issue that would damage our vehicle. 
On our LifeTrip we may have our road closed for the same or similar reasons… Storm damage- the road we’ve chosen may have hazards that we don’t know about. Those hazards keeps us from crossing at this time. 
Unfortunate accident- have others traveled on the road we’re trying to get on and are they telling us it’s unstable? Maybe we have ones in our lives who have been there and know this way isn’t the best way for us to go. Their accident on the same road moves them to advise us to take a different one. 
Hidden underneath- quite possibly there are unseen things that lurk around the corner of this road that will harm us if we get too close. Cruising through life unaware, we could damage our life car and end up in serious danger. 
DETOUR 🚧⚠️🚧⚠️
Dealing with the delays…
This detour could be testing our ability to keep going despite the change. We could view it as a chance to learn something different and grow in knowledge through that learning. 
Our plans are not written in concrete on the pavement, and as discussed above, our way we’ve decided upon may not be the best way. 
Our routine is shifted when a life detour arises but we can learn much from a new one. 
Rewards in the Rerouting…
Despite the inconvenience, nuisance, change, and unexpectedness- our trip can go on if we just keep driving. 
The long way to our goals may teach us more than the fast track. We may pick up more from the scenery along this road than we can on another one. 
Our commitment to our goal does not depend on how easy it is for us to get there. 
Despite the unfamiliar terrain, we can adjust and realign to match the new road and follow it. Doing our best to pick up what we can on the way. Maybe we see something on that road that takes us to a thought we would not have normally had on our familiar road. 
Adapting and adjusting as we go will help us feel less frustrated with the trip! 
My sincerest hope is that we drive. No matter what, we drive until we reach our goal and try our best to enjoy the trip along the way! 
Take good care everyone! 
Coach Teena Marie 💚

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