Retreat Reflections: How I Learned to Decompress Without Spending a Single Dollar!

This blog entry will recap how I learned to drive peace in my life in a cost effective and time efficient approach. You will learn how to "get away" from it all even when you don't have the funds or time for a real "getaway."

“I Need a Vacation!!!”

Does that line sound familiar?

Many of us fantasize everyday of getting away from everything-the hustle, the headaches, and at times the heartache.

There is just one thing that may stand in the way of that-the bank account!

For others, it may the inability to make arrangements regarding prior obligations.

The result-we are consumed with overwhelm and overwork.

For those who may be on the brink of shutting down, let me assure you that there is hope!

My weekend at a men’s retreat personified that “getting away” doesn’t have to affect your bank account or your schedule.

Getting away involves one concept-just RELAX!

Reflect on the positivity. You may be ready to trade your older model car for a newer one, but it at least gets you from point a to point b. You may want to call yourself a homeowner, but you have secure shelter over your head and a fridge full of groceries. The idea isn’t to neglect your aspirations. The concept is to appreciate your blessings.

Exhale with intention. One way to decompress while saving time and costs is to simply breathe. 15 minutes made a complete difference in my demeanor and my body! As we sat and inhaled deeply and slowly, we exhaled the bad energy and stressful thoughts that created tension in the body. Immediately, I noticed my heart rate was steady, my muscles loosened, and my mood was in a state of calm.

Live in the moment. The misconception with this statement is that it promotes irresponsibility and impulsive decisions. It’s not about ignoring your future. What it means is to be engaged in the present. Tomorrow has always been on my mind, but I finally gave myself permission at the retreat to focus on today. I laid on a yoga mat for over several hours doing absolutely nothing but being still. As an achiever, we are always seeking clarity. Before we can gain clarity, me must first obtain peace. Be present in your today.

Absorb your surroundings. While buying a mixtape of ocean sounds may help us foster an environment of tranquility, sitting out in the grass for a sunrise is just as effective. I am known to throw my fists in the air when I hear birds squawking as I try to get 15 more minutes of sleep in the morning. This weekend, as I closed my eyes, I noticed the beauty in the chirps. I allowed the police sirens, animal calls, water, and wind to create a melodic soundtrack of peace. Nature can be our best friend if we embrace it instead of resist it.


You may notice that X does not have an actual word association in the acronym. Why would I leave it this way?

The retreat reinforced one final lesson to me in life. Sometimes, you are called in places where you may not fit the structure, guidelines, or concept.

This does not negate your purpose there. In time, if you are confident in what you bring to the table, it will all make sense.

Even when you feel you don’t know where you are going, remember that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

We have the choice: Mind full OR we can be mindful. (Similar word, major difference in meaning)

I encourage all of you to take at least 30 to 60 minutes of your day to prioritize your self care. Be in the moment.

Whether it be these techniques or even booking a coaching session with me, know that you and your peace of mind are worth it!

Have a prosperous week!


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