Rhythms That Flow

"My heart paces with the heart of my Master." -Kandace Thomas

The thoughts that flow in and out of my heart are mine. I take them, I own up to them, I take control of them. I form every PACE by submitting my thoughts to the Lord. I am not satisfied until my thoughts become like His. His thoughts become a part of my heart creating perfect rhythms, I can not skip a beat. The thoughts of my Lord are now mine, His desires are so warm and perfect, reminding me of precious beats. Precious beats of PROMISE, something unlike any other, is what God has for me. My mind is very powerful, I must submit it to God, for His will is sovereign. His will makes the rhythms flow in my heart, giving me new life, new breath, and new purpose. The rhythms of God’s heart I know, I chase after them until they are my own. Like David, my path is made straight as I chase the rhythms that flow from the heart of Yahweh. The precise rhythms of His heart are all I seek, they are all that matter in 2021.

Last year God showed me how to seek after His heart. In 2021 I don’t want to become a new me! I desire to be the same ME. The me with Heaven’s rhythms flowing in and out of her heart. The me without toxic relationships and despicable beats. The same me with the same FAITHFUL God. In 2021 His rhythms will continue to set me free. As the rhythms flow they will set me a part for His majesty (1 Timothy 2:21). Just you wait and see! If you thought I shined bright in 2020, I’ll shine brighter in 2021 as the Holy frequencies fill this temple. I shall shine from the inside out because of the Christ in me. Less of me and more of Jesus. Fill me up God and let your anointing take over (Matthew 10:39).


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