Do you ever think about your routines?  Those things you do without even thinking twice? Let’s think about our morning routine.  How do you start your day?  Do you set your mind to be reactive or proactive?  Do you roll over, pick up your phone, and then read the news or check your social media?  Do you hit the snooze button over and over repeatedly?  If so, you are setting your body and mind to be reactive.  Another option is to focus on getting yourself in good headspace before you start your day.  

Let us look into ways to wake up gently.  Then you can choose for yourself how you approach the day.  Starting the morning the right way allows you to feel calm and spacious, rather than jolted and jittery.  Taking an early moment for yourself will help you have perspective all day, so you can respond to whatever events arise rather than react to them.  I will challenge you to consider before you get out of bed:

Write a super quick gratitude list.  It could be something be as simple as being grateful for having a roof over your head or a nice warm cozy bed.  You could even write down what you find challenging and say, ‘thank you for the lesson learned’ or ‘thank you, for now, you know how to deal with such a difficult situation differently.’

Read a page from an inspirational book or magazine article first thing, rather than getting immersed in the news as soon as you wake up.

Set an intention for the day.  Think or write down how you want your day to feel.  For example, ‘I am energized and inspired for the day ahead’ could be a great intention.

Send a quick text to someone you value.  It could be a thank you, an offer of help, or just an ‘I love you!’ note.

Check to see how you are regularly. You can’t begin to practice self-care until you form a habit of checking in with yourself.  Do you notice that you are tired or you are running on empty and have barely slept? Are in a bad mood – everyone has challenging days.  If you don’t check-in, you may beat yourself up for not being jovial then blame the world or other people for your mood.  But if you notice how you are, you can deal with it in a self-care manner.  You can plan a walk in fresh air during a break, or intentionally pack some healthy snacks to keep you off the sugar.  You can scale down your expectations of what you need to get done.  And be kind to yourself. Afterall, you are striving for your best self! 

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