sacrifices and new beginnigs

You want to know something I have noticed? A lot of people get disappointed when things don’t always go as planned. But many people get hurt when they feel like they’ve made sacrifices with no rewards. Or in other cases people made sacrifices with no rewards, and could not gain leverage back after the sacrifice. For example, you left your friends, family, and job to move to a new place to be with a new lover. You and that person didn’t work out. You want to move back home but you have no money saved to do so. Your family won’t send you the money, and you’re not sure if you can get your old job back. Now you have feelings of regrets, heartache, pain, and you’re trying to regroup. Another example would be that business idea. You maxed out all of your credit cards for a website and online training, but you just could not get customers. With no customers you were not able to have extra income; so now you’re struggling paying off your credit card debt. Or what about the small everyday sacrifices? You don’t have time to talk to certain people, but if they call you make time. On the flip side when you need to talk to them, they’re unavailable. Or you really didn’t have the money to spare, but someone you cared about needed it so you gave them $100. You gave them the money, but they keep making excuses about paying you back. When we sacrifice for others, we do it because we want to. Sacrificing also shows we care for people in a way we’re willing to go above and beyond for them. But the question remains, how do we bounce back and recover from sacrifices that left us “in the hole.” Well number one, don’t beat yourself up. Anything done with good intentions isn’t anything to be ashamed about. Number two come up with a plan. Based on what you have and where you are figure out what steps will be necessary for you to get back where you need to be and get ahead. Your steps can be as small or as big as you need them to be. Step three understand it is okay to do things out of love but learn your limits. Making sacrifices is something we all do all the time. However, making sacrifices shouldn’t break us. Ironically, the thing about sacrifices is when we hurt badly enough and have to dig our way out; we learn how to create boundaries. We learn to take our time when making certain decisions. We learn to be whole within ourselves. I’m going to be honest, when I wasn’t whole, every little loss I took was devastating to me. But once I became whole and learned my limits and how to create boundaries, a loss isn’t a loss anymore. It’s more of a lesson. I hope this helps you on your future journeys. -Lori G. Clark

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