Sad But True

The saddest part about being a woman is most of us have been hurt by every man who’s ever come into our lives..starting with Dad. Including physical abuse, verbal abuse, mental and emotional abuse, sexual abuse, lying, or cheating…


The beautiful part is that in spite of that reality, we are all STILL searching for real love. There’s still hope, and there’s still time. And although it’s possible to fix eachother, it’s more important that we, first, fix ourselves. 


Pain is so difficult to endure alone, so we have to remain compassionate toward one another during hard times. We all know what it’s  like to feel that hurt, disappointment, and betrayal. Don’t let your judgment be a part of the problem. Take a moment to PRIVATELY send love to someone who need it. It could mean more than you realize. I love you 😘


Book a session and begin your journey to self-mastery with me. Take care.

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