Mystery surrounds me, and I wonder where I'm going. There's a cloud above me and it seems to hide the way. I'm going straight ahead, cause it's the only way I know. I want to leave the past, and leave just for today. -THE FIRM "1985" Satisfaction Guaranteed (song)

Head upon the highway, just as fast as I could go.  I rode through the night, and halfway through the day.  I had no direction I didn’t even want to know where I was going.  The only thing I knew, was that I had to get away.. -THE FIRM “1985” Satisfaction Guaranteed

Is a satisfied life better than a successful life?  You decide!

The Mind is a persons intellect = the element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences. 

Conscious – Discipline, Experience, Mastery=THOUGHT

Subconscious – Idea, Feelings, Not Aware=FEELINGS

Unconscious= BELIEFS

 The Heart is the operation of life.  The innermost part of something, very much like love.  The heart and the soul are interchangeable.

The Soul is The spiritual or part of a human being regarded as immortal=The heart of the soul.  –The Spirit and Essence of a person.

Think about it.  Is a satisfied life better than a successful life?  Think about it!  You decide!  What’s the best choice for you!  Do some self work.  Research you.  Research the information provided.  Who knows!  May be you’ll discover what’s been hidden inside of you.  Amen!  Amen. 

God bless us all.  Enjoy your day.  Need a life coach?  Let me know!  And if I’m not the right match for you, check out the many other coaches right here on mymentor.life


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