Seed (Conception)

It has been said children are very resilient

The very appearance of a seed is nothing to become excited about but the content of the seed is what is most valuable. The protective shell covering is in place to ensure that the inside remains securely confined and intact. Planting one seed can yield a tree that produces fruit which embodies more seeds to keep the circle of life in full swing. The seed symbolizes the beginning of life. Seed although usually small in size has within it the capacity to grow and develop several times it’s original size. In the event of damage to the seed as evidence by rupturing the protective shell covering the seed, if not completely destroyed can still produce although it may not look or be exactly as it would have had the rupture not taken place. Just about everything that we see with our eyes all started from a seed including, fruit, nuts, flowers, plants, animals, and humans. 

Let’s take a closer look at the child as a seed who has the potential to grow and develop far beyond what appears on the surface. Think about how we all began as a small mass of cells following conception and now we vary in height, weight, and size. What started as something seemingly insignificant can grow and develop until it can reproduce after it’s own kind. As a seed a child requires protection from negative, damaging, and contaminating experiences and people. TRANSPARENT MOMENT: As a result of not being raised by my biological parents certain seed were sown into the soil of my soul that influenced my growth, development, thought processes, ability to trust and feel secure. The initial seeds sown in the soil of my life were abandonment, confusion, and rejection. What seeds were sown into the soil of your soul as a child?

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