Seek Your Own Brand of Success!

Don't try to push yourself to reach another person's idea of success. This is something that simply won't work, not to mention that what success looks like to many is superficial. A certain car, house, clothes, and reckless spending. Nope, folks have half of those things on credit anyway! Seek to be right spiritually, look for opportunities to give kindness, don't live beyond your means, and operate in peace. Then as you are clear to walk in your purpose, you will find your success.

It is often easy to identify success in others but hard to identify our own success. Why is this? Well, for the same reason that the grass seems greener on the other side…we’re focused on THE WRONG THINGS!


Success is not a cookie-cutter thing and everyone’s so-called success will not look the same. Rappers tell us that success is having a brand name everything, a $500,000 car, six gold chains on one neck, ice dripping from your fingers, and a big booty. Now, they rarely tell you that they don’t own most of that stuff and that booty is fake. A big name sportsman may tell you that success is having a championship ring or trophy but there are many who find success in coaching a local kids team. One woman may say she’s successful because she has a Doctorate Degree and a great job while another may find success in being able to say that her children are thriving. One married man may tell you that he’s successful because he has a fine wife that all the guys wish they had and another will tell you he’s successful because he is a great provider for his wife and that he loves, encourages, and prays for her.


Success looks different for everyone so isn’t it foolish for us to be looking at someone else and measuring our success against them? Seems pretty silly, huh?


Embrace your own brand of success and pursue it with honor. You will be great but just remember that comparison is the thief of joy. Don’t allow your joy to be stolen as you walk YOUR journey to SUCCESS.

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