I wanted to share this message today with anyone who might be feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. That Self-care is not selfish. You have been giving so much of your time, energy and resources lately. Let me ask you…. When is the last time someone has poured back into you? Elle Varner said it best “Can I get a refill”?
My goal is to free you from the mindset that putting yourself first for once is going to cause others doom and gloom. Let’s be real it’s not! Those kids, spouse, family members and pets will be just fine. Now that we know what self-care NOT. Let’s focus on what it is.
It’s time to use that same compassion that you have for others back toward yourself. Self-care is putting your phone on DND. Self-care is not answering the phone for the person who stresses you out the most. Self-care is taking a nice bubble bath and locking the door. Self-care is doing things that brings you joy. It’s making time for yourself in a world that has encouraged us of taking care of everyone else around us first then ourselves. Say NO to people pleasing and yes to self-care. Even the Lord wants us to prioritize our self-care in Mark: 6:31.
So, the next time you think about skipping self-care day remember this- Only once our grass is truly watered, we then can use our hose to water others.
With Love, Kendall ❤️

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