Self-Care Series: Self Acceptance

A quick look at the concept of self forgiveness and how we can start implementing that in our life today.

There are moments where I have fallen short, past and present.  Where I have made decisions against my best interest that have ultimately worked against me.  I initially beat myself up about it.  However, I remember a concept that is most important in this journey we call the human experience…forgiveness.  

When we think of the concept of forgiveness, often times we view it from the lens of someone doing us wrong. In that, we think that forgiveness absolves them of accountability and consequences.  In reality, it frees our energy from a stronghold that ultimately leads to low vibrational thinking.  This same concept applicable to our self perception.

Self forgiveness starts not only with the thoughts we dwell on, but also the language we communicate to ourselves. ⁣

“I should have done better” acknowledges the error…⁣

“I can do better” acknowledges the power…⁣

“I will do better” acknowledges the intention…⁣

Many of us find ourselves stuck in the “should have” stage, leading to shame and cyclic behavior. Advance the self conversation from judgment to improvement. ⁣

Hold yourself accountable for your decisions, but never hold yourself hostage to the decisions. Start the month of May with grace and expectancy of change! 

If you need a partner in helping you with this, book your session today. Stay tuned for the next installment in the self-care series!




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