"Once you know who you are, everything changes." -- Bishop John A. Cherry, II

“The greatest discovery in life is self-discovery. Until you find yourself you will always be someone else, become yourself.”   Dr. Myles Munroe  


I believe that self-discovery potentially allows each of us to take a look at ourselves, our beliefs, value systems, aspirations, hopes, dreams; determine what’s important; then make the choices to evolve, change, grow, step up, become better versions of ourselves; and reassess as necessary. We can reinvent ourselves if there’s something about us that we want to do differently, we can shift our focus, set realistic goals, learn new things, create new habits, pursue different careers, try new foods, have different experiences and empower ourselves and others. Not surprisingly, new mindsets can produce new results.  

What are your interests? What self discoveries have you made? What if anything will you do differently? 

Smiles across the miles laced with Prayers, Blessings and Love,


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