Self – love

.  Self-love to me was like buried treasure that I could never ever again in life let go of.   You begin to feel empowered, motivated just complete.  Like you can just accomplish all things, and nothing can get in your way.  Self-love is the most powerful aspect of love as it is the beginning of it all.  Self-love is what saved me from depression and healed me from lack of love that others did not understand how to pour into me.  My capacity to love is GREAT and I never had a problem to give. However, because I did not understand my worth, I had to learn how to receive. 

What I have realized is that our minds and hearts can become our prison if we are not careful of what we allow ourselves to think, how far we go down the rabbit hole and feel in the deepest well of feelings.  We can be trapped in our thoughts and our feelings if we do not guard against it.

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