Self-Love and Birthday’s

It was my birthday earlier this month and it made me reflect a lot on self-care. Within everything shut down one cannot have a regular party or celebration. Being single you really have to treat yourself. When you are in your teens being single on your birthday is not a big deal. People tend to spend their birthdays with just their husband, wife, or significant other. It can get lonely, and one may not want to celebrate as everyone else’s third wheel. When you get older the occasions become less. Instead of every year doing something you may do something big every 5 to 10 years. It all depends on the person and how much they like celebrating their birthday. As a kid, you must celebrate, as one gets older it may just be another day at work. The choice is truly yours.


This year I decided to still pamper myself. I thought about the love languages and rounded myself out. I got myself something nice (gifts), I wrote a letter to myself for next year (words of affirmation), I spent some time with my mother (quality time), I made sure to spend some extra time with something cozy (physical touch). I even participated a bit in my least favorite love language and cleaned up a bit (acts of service). It felt like a well rounded birthday. It was peaceful. I took some great pictures and seized the day!


This whole month I have really been taking some extra care. I think to myself. I am very blessed. I am alive and well, I have my book out, I am not currently working and have time to build my brand. Time is a luxury you never get back and I am spending it well! You should to! Think about what you can do with this time that you can never do any other time? Tell yourself, and show yourself a better life today!

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