Self-Love Comes from Self-Mastery

How I'll help you embrace yourself in ways you never have.

Self-mastery (the art of controlling your thoughts, words, and behaviors) opens the way to consistent courageous action (not letting fear keep you from advancing the way you want), which builds high self-esteem (confidence, self-respect). When your esteem is high, you feel and function your best; you attract ideal scenarios; and you orchestrate the healthiest, most ideal outcomes when dealing with challenges. 


What does low self-esteem look like? There are dozens of ways to identify it, but here is a list of common elements:


*Consistent fear-based actions

*Inferiority complex


*Giving up easily

*People pleaser/poor boundaries


*Spitefulness and perpetual anger

*Control freak

*Passive-aggressive tendencies


*Overly critical of self and others

*Uncomfortable with being complimented

*Avoiding confrontation

*Putting self-care last 

*Uncomfortable spending time alone

*Feeling guilty about engaging in self-care

*Blaming others for your problems/unhappiness

*Self-blame for and/or excusing abuse (physical, verbal, emotional)

*Hesitant to stand up for your beliefs

*Easily offended/always taking things personally

*Refusing to consider others’ perspectives/opinions


Through my¬†variety of literary and spoken works, my¬†goal is to inspire self-revelation that leads to internal revolution. Discovering what to improve in oneself (self-revelation) is key in order to begin the journey of transformation (internal revolution), which results in the ability to more easily honor the spirit. My aim is to be a compass who leads people directly to¬†the root of their issues,¬†so they¬†will feel empowered to embrace their personal journeys and transform their lives in record time, based on using my suggested tools and processes that will inspire¬†them to¬†connect¬†with and trust¬†their¬†own¬†wisdom and intuition, rather than get¬†attached to¬†other people’s.¬†



I’ve been on my self-mastery journey for more than 30 years, and I’ve finally reached a point where I now truly understand the importance and beauty of honoring my spirit instead of my fears. If you’ll allow me the chance, then I’d love to help you start doing the same. I’ll work with anyone who’s serious about prioritizing their self-care and feeling their best.


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