Self Love For The Single Mom on Valentine’s Day

Today is valentine’s day! As a single mom, I contemplated on how I would spend this day. I told myself that I would not feel bad about being 30 years old and single, and that I would not compare myself to others on social media. Instead, I decided to practice self love. Self love is so important, and I believe that we can’t truly love another person if we don’t first love ourselves. As a single mom, you may feel like you don’t have time to practice self love. I am here to remind you that you have to make the time because you are worth it! So instead of feeling down about not being in a relationship, I encourage you to use this day to practice self-love!

Here are some ways that you can  practice self love:


1) Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful and worthy

2) Take a nice long bubble bath

3) Spend 30 minutes engaging in your favorite form of exercise

4) End all toxic relationships

5) Pull out your journal and write 10 things that you love about yourself

6) Find a devotional that talks about God’s love 


These are just 6 ideas, there are so many more that you can choose from! The main point is to find something that you enjoy doing that makes you feel loved.  I know it can be tough being a single mom, and I know how you may feel about not being in a relationship, but don’t let that keep your spirits down. Instead, find ways that you can practice self love and make it a habit!


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