Self-Love is a Journey

Self-love is a process we develop throughout our existence. The good part is that self-love has no limitations. Enjoy the journey!

“..I am gentle..” (NIV, Matt. 11:29). The temptation to compare ourselves to another person’s perceived appearances is a trap. “Comparison is the enemy of joy.” Self-love works by placing our well-being primary – placing the proverbial oxygen mask on your face first before we can effectively help someone else. Our ability to put into practice gentle actions toward loving ourselves is a skill best  developed at your own pace. Slow-down to sit with God. He is our tour guide. What connects us  is that we are all on a journey. The great thing is that everyone’s process will require personal customization based on our individual uniqueness. It’s not one size fits all.

I want for you to rest understanding that your self-love journey is completely customizable for you alone. Its not a competition. Self-love is a gentle dance, self recovery, a special recipe designed by you and God together. We are God’s masterpieces – Designers originals!

Allow patience to work during your process through self-love. You’re the most important piece and anything of true value takes time. You are worth the wait. Show yourself patience first. Self-love takes a lifetime.

Enjoy the journey,

Trineka Clayton

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