Self-Love Killers

Loving yourself begins with acceptance. We must understand that we will never be perfect.  Self-love mirrors you are accepting the way that God has created you, while appreciating the essence of who you are on the inside. Three ways that we kill our self-love is through comparison, neglect, and fear. 


When we compare ourselves to others, we become blind to our own uniqueness. Comparison robs you of joy by distracting you from your purpose in life.  Comparison also cultivates negativity in your heart and can lead you down a path of self-destruction. When you neglect yourself, you subconsciously put yourself last by prioritizing the needs of others first.  Neglect can look like you are being unable to say “no” to people when it inconveniences you. Neglect can also look like you are being unable to set boundaries for yourself as well as mismanaging daily balance in your life. Living in fear breeds complacency in every area of your life. When we live in fear, we are unable to make sound decisions. Fear will cause you to settle for less by holding you captive in a prison of guilt, shame, and doubt. Fear impedes self-growth while encouraging stagnation. 


When we learn to love ourselves, we accept our imperfections and flaws by embracing ourselves holistically.  We also become assertive in self-advocacy by setting firm boundaries that protect our peace and happiness.  In addition, we learn the value in living courageously by not seeking the approval of others. When we operate from self-love, we are able to free our minds, live in harmony with others, and embrace our own unique journey in life.  Commit to your self-love journey by accepting yourself, prioritizing your needs, and living courageously. 

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