Self Love – You Are Your Best Investment

I know a lady who has devoted most of her life looking, searching, and wanting love from a man. When she was younger she dreamed of being married with children. Well she became an adult and started dating. All of the relationships would be great in the beginning and later the relationships would end. As soon as a relationship ended another relationship would begin. This pattern went on for years in her 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s. There was no real connection to any of the men. Nobody stayed. She based her value and worth on these broken relationships. She obviously never realized that she didn’t invest any love, time, and commitment to loving herself. She even became a mother and her child was her pride and joy. However she still continued to pursue, chase, and seek relationships.

Today that lady is 50 years old and she is still single. Although she wants a loving relationship she decided to invest time and energy into herself,  her daughter, and helping others. You see she always had love in her life. She had family and friends that loved her. But I guess it was not enough or not the love that satisfied her. The saddest aspect is she didn’t invest in or love herself.   She diligently put effort into looking for a romantic relationship.  She didn’t understand that she was her best investment. She had dreams and ambitions she delayed in order to love men.  She tried to make unhealthy relationship work, accepted scraps from broken men, allowed emotionally unavailable men to take up space in her life. Her priority was relationships, relationships, and relationships. 

Today she regrets putting so much time and effort into relationships with men. 

Do you have regrets? What are you investing in that has not given you the return you are expecting and wanting? Why are you stuck trying to make situationships work? Why aren’t you investing time into yourself?

 Know that every good thing comes in perfect timing. Don’t allow your life to pass by.

Love yourself.



Coach Tee

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