Self-Work Builds Self-Worth

Revel in self-work, and you will all the more see your self-worth bloom.

Oftentimes, our moods reveal what our unconscious thoughts are relaying. We will sometimes mention how we, “woke up on the wrong side of the bed”, or that we, “haven’t felt happy in a long time”. Sometimes we feel angry and really don’t know why. We often assume it’s because of a long day or stress – but is it? It’s also easy to point the finger at others around us who may trigger some of these moods, but we quickly forget how there are a few of our own fingers pointing back at us signifying how we might need to do a bit of self observation and self-work. 

One thing I’ve learned is that self-work leads to added self-worth. It builds our sense of self-worth. As my older brother says, it can help you realize or understand your self-worth further and this is true. Yet, it’s easy to miss out on working on ourselves when we haven’t seen how we can self-improve in our character, thinking, choices and behaviors.

It’s easier than we think to go through an entire day – even years, and not see what we need to alter about ourselves that will make us happy and more at peace within. Have you ever realized a time when you went through an entire day and didn’t look in the mirror to check your presentation? How about when you’ve had food in your teeth and didn’t realize it until it was too late, for all people to see! We do the same with our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and left uncheck, we develop unhealthy thought patterns and behaviors which can negatively affect our lives and greater well-being. Other people can see these things about us and some may even attempt to make us aware, but do we listen? Taking the time to observe ourselves helps to bring clarity and builds our self-worth. When we think better, we feel better, which enables us to choose to do better.

So how do you think better about yourself? Well, pay attention to yourself and listen to how you think and attempt to control how you feel. Admit to yourself if you want to feel better everyday. Admit to yourself that there are things you may be thinking and doing that’s going against your best interest. Again, listen to yourself. Pay attention to the things you say within and aloud. Is your attitude more negative or positive. Is the glass always half full or half empty in your perception? If half empty, then challenge that thought with something productive and realistic. Choose to look for ways to see the glass as half full. 

You can start there.  Self-work can make you aware that you’re accountable for your own happiness and peace, and it may also make you a more enjoyable person to be around. Revel in self-work, and you will all the more see your self-worth bloom. 

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