Set yourself Free

Good Morning,

The message I received today is ……..

YOU NEED TO LET IT OUT!!!!!! Whatever your holding in, is actually holding you back. It’s keeping you from the freedom that you deserve. There is knowledge on the other side that needs to be unlocked. With knowledge there is a change of perspective, that changes your emotions and that affects so many parts of your life.

Through research, I found a lot of beneficial skills and I put them to use. I found what works for me and what works for others. Now that I’m equipped with the proper tools. I can admit that I was a horrible communicator, I used to shut down and not say anything. If I did say something, it was out of frustration and then I would over react or say the wrong things. Does that sound familiar?

I’ve learned that when it comes to communicating, there’s a few things you should keep in mind.

1)You have to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally.


2)Know that you may not get the results that your hoping for, so have no expectation besides getting it off your chest and setting yourself free.

On my journey, I faced everyone that I needed to and I said everything I needed to say good or bad. A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and I gained so much clarity. When I faced my father, that gave me all the confidence to face everyone else because to me he was the big bad scary wolf almost my whole life.

So if you would like to learn some effective ways to communicate or you need help to set your yourself free, book a session and let’s get started.

Have a good day.


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