Set yourself up for success… create time for you!!

As a single mother life can be very overwhelming, especially now with Covid-19…a lot of our children are learning remotely. Yes, life has changed for us single moms drastically. We can officially say we are “Every Woman”…..

We’ve become The Teacher, The Nurse, The counselor, The Janitor, The breakfast/lunch and dinner Lady all while answering to Mom.  The question is, with all that’s happening in a day how are you doing? Are you setting aside time in your hectic day to focus on your goals, dreams and your health? Are you spending anytime at all just being present in a silent moment?  If no, then it’s time to set yourself up for success…. Yes, the day may present many challenges and it may even appear not to be enough time in the day to focus on you….. But I’d like to challenge you to set a new thing in motion for yourself.  Get into the mindset that you are important and if you aren’t prioritizing you then no one else will. Our ability to create time for ourselves is a critical part self care, and when you neglect to intentionally set aside time for you (even if it’s just 20min) you do a disservice to your future. 

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