Setting people free IS the Gospel

Freedom from our slavery mindset is what the good news of the gospel is all about.  If you preach the gospel but leave the listeners in captivity, then your work is not done.  No matter how many people run to the altar to say yes to Jesus and pray the sinner’s prayer, you’ve got to go back to the same people and disciple them out of the slavery of sin.  Apply Jesus’ model of leadership.  He humbled himself and spent time with the community he wanted to change.  The impact of this model still resonates to this day.  The Bible is the blueprint and guiding resources for the work I do. 

If Jesus was living among us today, he would be a human rights activist. Jesus could not stand oppression.  He hated leaders who took advantage of poor citizens.  He was mad when he got to the temple and saw the unfair exchange of goods and services. He turned the tables over and condemned the merchants.  He was furious at injustice.  As Christians, we cannot say we are true followers of Jesus and watch while others suffer yet it is in our power to do something about it.


Freedom starts from within ourselves.  We’ve got to be free first from the yoke of slavery before we can clearly see how to set others free from their bondage.  It takes many hours of soul searching and a great amount of time in solitude to find your way out of sin.  It is a deliberate action that takes time and self-discipline.  It is an uphill battle for your soul.   God the Father will put you through the fire of tests and trials to shake you into making the changes you need to make so you can live a victorious Christian life.   The Holy Spirit will guide you through the whole process.  Jesus will be right there next to you as an example of how to overcome the pain and suffering as you are going through the transformational journey.

What kind of injustice have you observed?  What do you want to do about it?

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