After Divorce, you have to begin rebuilding your life, avoid Sex with the EX!!! It creates confusion and complicates the process. Being intimate can even delay the process altogether. Be safe!

After Divorce, you have to begin rebuilding your life, avoid Sex with the EX!!! Divorce is something that no one wants to face. It is a hard situation that many people have to find the strength to get through. Sometimes there are hard feelings between the two couples and sometimes the couple will still get along very well. It is hard to tell what is going to happen and sometimes you just have to see how it goes. The ball is in your court and you need to make the best choices that you can.  

One thing is for sure; once you are divorced, you do not need to be having sex with with your ex.  This is not something that is wise because it creates confusion. There are tons of issues that will come along with remaining intimate. You want to break your sexual ties so that you are free and able to move on easily to a healthier relationship with the next potential love interest.  

You will want to remain friendly with your ex especially if there are children involved.  This is for obvious reasons. When things go a lot smoother, you will find it to be a lot easier to get things accomplished.  You really can kill them with kindness however you do not want to be so kind that you are jeopardizing your health and well being for any reason.  You do not want to get involved with the complicity of having sex with your ex when you are trying to rebuild your life and make something better for your future.  

When you are trying to rebuild your life, you want to do the right things.  You need to make the right choices for you and you family so that you are not putting anyone's well being at risk. This will also include your ex.  When you are still carrying on an intimate relationship with your ex spouse, you will find that you may be setting either one of you up for a very big fall.  This is not something that you should be doing at this stage of the game.

A divorce is something that can be very complicated and when you are combining sex with your ex, you are only making the situation more complicated. You need to work toward severing emotional ties and making it very clear that you are not interested in this part of your life any longer.  You need to of course make sure of this before you file for divorce because having a physical relationship can delay an inevitable process. You need to have all the factors there so that you can have a successful relationship that works for both of you.

There are so many things to worry about when you are trying to rebuild your life after a divorce.  You do not want to have to deal with too much when you already have so much on your plate. It’s natural to go back to a familiar place when considering the thought of sleeping with another person.  You want to be careful and make the wise decisions that you know you can make.  You have to be willing to let the physical side of your relationship go so that you can free your mind and body up for the next chapter in your life. Also, the likelihood that a man remains abstinate during the divorce process is rare. Separation most assuredly places a man in the free zone.

There is so much life out there and when you are divorced, you are able to take it all on. You should not be holding on to the past even if it is comforting at the time.  You want to get out there are find out who you are and what your goals and dreams are in life.  This is the only way that you can make your new life a huge success.  This is going to be worth the self-control that you have when it comes to refraining from having sex with your ex. Above all, it’s important to heal first, then once the time is right you must practice safe sex. Ideally, after re-marrying someone you are equally yoked with. In today’s world you must be careful and safe across the board.

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