Sexually Broken

Let’s face it, we all have gotten the wrong Idea of How Sex is supposed to be whether it was introduced to us and taken from us at an early age against our Will or from the Different encounters that we have had over the Years. The thing about Sex is, the Way that God Designed it is that Nothing about Sex was supposed to be Shameful or embarrassing. We are All Sexual beings and He created us to experience Sexual Intimacy for a Beautiful Purpose between Husband and Wife. Sex was Never Meant to be CASUAL because Sex is more than just a physical act it is also SPIRITUAL. This is why after you have encountered Sexual Relations you still end up filling EMPTY because you have satisfied your LUST(Which is NEVER SATISFIED) and find yourself wanting More. When we lay our bodies down with another body we become one and this is where Soul Ties are created from. Once you lay down you will never come back up the Same. In doing so prematurely we also weaken the Beauty of our future Marriage. If we spread ourselves too thin when you finally meet your Mate they wont have Anything to be thankful for because we have given our bodies to people that we weren’t supposed to when our bodies were really only Designed for one. So much of the confusion surrounding our Sexuality is a Result of being Influenced by the World. The Only way to redeem our Sexuality is to turn back to the one who created us instead of listening to the World and our Sinful Hearts and Repent, Pray for Forgiveness and Ask God to RENEW Our MINDS, BODIES, And SPIRITS so that we are able to experience the pleasure of Sex the way it was originally Designed…For a Purpose with A PURPOSE to be Experienced within Marital Relationships. Forgive Yourself for not knowing better and giving yourself away so carelessly BUT once you know better you do better. Spoken from a Woman who was once caught up in Sexual Promiscuity from not fully knowing Her Worth and Has been Delivered from the Soul Ties that I created from a place of Pride and not knowing any better. When you dont know your Value you give your Temple away carelessly and commit Sin against the Very thing that God gave us to carry His Spirit in.

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