Sharing Experiences

Sharing gratitude

When was the last time your partner was finishing a task and you slowly gave a hug from behind, wrapping your arms to enclose a safe space to share gratitude of them being available? 

How about a nice neck massage while the two of you are driving to the store or a meet-up with friends, slightly caressing skin and feeling the hairs connect with your fingertips. 

I give these analogies to encourage sharing moments and increasing the intimacy of the relationship, not insinuating a sexual encounter, yet a way of saying ” I appreciate your presence in my life “.

We stay so busy that Life glides by and we take no heed that each of us may just need a unreciprocated hug or embrace.

Being a giver allows the recipient to feel your heart pouring into them without the expectations of having to return the behavior, yet enjoy the warmth that comes across when they’re able to feel secure and cared for.

Take the time to share and enjoy the returns of your closeness within the relationship and if you would like to learn other ways to approach creating a different atmosphere in your relationship reach out and Book a session.

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