Shifting Your Mindset

The year 2020 was memorable and unprecedent due to the COVID 19. We had to adjust to a new norm to survive the pandemic. It’s amazing how innovative we become when we’re forced to make a change. The mind is powerful, and we have to continue to grow and shift our perspective to improve our life.  

Many used their creativity to start up online businesses which activated talents and gifts that laid dormant. They achieved their goals and discovered their true passion and purpose in life, simply by shifting their mindset.   

Your mindset determines how you view yourself and the world. We have thousands of thoughts floating around in our heads every day. Basically, you talk to yourself more than anybody else. The mind stores our emotions, problems, and secrets, and many of us do not realize these thoughts are holding us back from living a meaningful life. 


6 Ideas: How to Change Your Mindset 


        1. Be willing to adjust your thinking 

       2.  Identify your negative talk 

       3.  Daily affirmations 

       4.  Identify your “Why” 

       5. Start small to finish “Big” 

       6. Don’t be afraid of “Failure” 


Changing your mindset happens overtime and it happens by choice. These ideas will help you toward shifting your mindset. 


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