Signs You Are Not Ready For Marriage

There are few signs that show you are ready for marriage. So many people claim they are ready for marriage, but have baggage that is preventing them from being ready. If you still have unresolved issues regarding a traumatic event or with your parents or past relationships you are not ready for marriage. People who tend to have unhealthy relationships with their parents or past mate such as feeling unloved, abandoned, betrayed (cheated on), or abused (verbally, mentally, sexually, or physically) carry those emotions and dysfunction into their current relationship. These issues usually manifest themselves in insecurities, jealousy, clinginess, or distrust. 


If you need help getting past those unresolved issues with abuse or regarding a traumatic event you should see help from a licensed therapist. If it is unresolved relationship issues you may seek help from a life coach to help you move forward. To understand the difference between learning from the past and being consumed by the past is art. One must reflect on ways they can be better in their current relationship so that it may evolve to avoid a repeat of their old relationship dynamic. In the words of Erykah Badu, “One day all ’em bags goin’ get in your way…and one day he gonna say you crowdin’ my space.”

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