Silence is the message

because its not a perfect world we must allow for the unpredictable

In a perfect world I imagine life would be very predictable… you’d understand what to do to get the desired result. ¬†Things would go smoothly and communication would be clear. ¬†If a breakup happened the one breaking it off would let you down easy… maybe invite you out for drinks at the old cafe where you had your first date, start the conversation pleasantly talking about some good memories and then express how much you meant to him during the hard times…eventually the conversation would ease into why this was good bye. ¬†But because its not a perfect world, we must allow for the unpredictable. ¬†We must understand that no matter how much we try to do the “right” thing, we can’t control anything. ¬†A breakup may never be discussed, its just one day they’re not there anymore… perhaps it started out with small break aways like not calling you as often, or not having as much time as they used to… either way, you missed the cues and now there’s just simply no communication. ¬†In the perfect world we get a chance to have that exit speech, but in most cases those words will be left unsaid. ¬†Sometimes a person doesn’t know how to say the reason, or their too much of a coward to face you. ¬†Perhaps they feel their reason is weak and you might talk them back into a situation they are ready to leave. ¬†Whatever the case, take their silence as the message. ¬†The important thing is that you forgive them for their failing to fess up, speak up, or stand up and be strong enough to face you… Because its in the forgiveness (not in the goodbye words) that you are free to move on.

Peace, Love, and Blessings.  


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