Silence The Inner Critic

Silencing the inner critic is difficult. As I sit and write, there are several negative thoughts that dance through my mind such as “What do you think you know about coaching and how in the world do you think that you can help someone heal”. Yes, it’s true! I struggle at times as well. This is me being as transparent as I can. You may be battling negative self talk as well. I’m here to let you know that no matter what you are facing and how bad your season of life may be, you must pick yourself up and carry on. Put one foot in front of the other and walk. Walk toward your calling and your destiny. Silence whatever negative energy that has come your way. Let the enemy of this world know that you are a man or woman on a mission and that no matter what’s in your way, it will not prevent you from accomplishing your dreams and aspirations. I’m here in the journey with you and with encouragement and positivity, we will get there together.

Be Blessed

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