‘Single’ is All About You!

'Single' is exclusivity! It's about creating and refining yourself into that exclusive version of you that is so powerful, so exquisite in detail and so complex in being.

‘Single’ is the relationship status many people try to avoid. I embrace it; the way I embrace wavy hair and unruly freckles.

At my age, most of the people I knew growing up are in relationships and have families. I used to look around me as this began to happen and panicked, well, only a little. You know how when you were in high school and you were among the last of the students to finish that hardcore exam. Then there were five students, then three, then it was just you and that one other person who either didn’t study enough (guilty!) or studied too much and was now suffering a mental blank. Then it was just you sitting there going back and forth over-analyzing every question, and the teacher whose eyes you could feel drilling holes into your brain. Oh, that wasn’t you? Yeah. Me either. 

My peers began to notice I couldn’t have cared less about dating or getting married any time soon. And they began to panic for me too. Aunts started suggesting I meet guys they knew who ‘had it all together,’ including a nice house and truck. Co-workers wanted to set me up on a dating site. Oh, they tried to help. 

I am in the middle of my thirties and I am here to state it with full conviction: single is a blessing, my friends. Does it get lonely at the top? Sure, sometimes it does, and sometimes you even feel that loneliness. Yet this feeling does not linger. You are so enchanted, so captivated by who you are becoming that you don’t even look down anymore at some point! Now, I look around me and see many of the same people who entered relationships too early are trying to get out of them or having troubles they just want an escape from.

I am building upon my vision everyday, and that vision entails helping people find their own vision and purpose. I’m too enthralled and grateful looking up at the vastness of the sky and abundance of life and good things all around me to get sad or upset about being a single eagle soaring high. 

The other day I took my mother and sister out to dinner, and I felt so happy and grateful I was sitting there with this grin which my sister later noticed and asked, “Who do you keep looking at?” I looked over and said, “no one. I’m just thankful to be here.” She said she thought I was looking at a guy. That made me smile. It was then that I realized, I have it all. Why? Because I am climbing a high mountain every day, gazing around at the scenery as I go, and saying, ‘This is niiice!”

But it wasn’t always that way. 

So, I want to encourage you. Wherever you are, keep climbing, keep going. Look, you’re building muscles with every intentional step and climb you make! So keep going! 


I neither know nor am I familiar with this word. Is it a side dish? 

I only know intention, direction, meaning, purpose, perseverance, striving, drive, diligence, and astuteness! 

And that goes for every direction and aspect of life. 

Today or tonight. Go outside and look up. You see that awning over you? Become that! Limitless! 

‘Single’ is all about you! Embrace the wavy hair, the freckles and the singleness! 

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