Singlemoms and the The Juggling Act

The Juggling Act is Worth It!

School is in session and the juggling act has begun. I know some of you are thinking that it never ended. As a singlemom of three sons, I have been there and done that. I have experienced a lot of seasons as a singlemom and know the struggle. I called the singlemom season the ‘ me+3 season’. I said three because it was like I had to do everything in multiples of¬† four, me plus my three sons. Yours may be ‘me+2 season’ and so forth. For example:

Me + 3 with money 

Me + 3 with time

Me + 3 with resources 

Get it. Lol.

It is truly a juggling act with one person trying to catch all the balls and keep things afloat.

However with all that said, it was also ‘me + 3’ when it came to the love. So there, the juggling act is worth it. The lessons learned and the love only will make you better.


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