Singles and Dating Module Singles Sessions

[to be continued]

– how to be happy while single

– benefits of being single

– why can’t i meet a good man / woman

– where and how to meet people like me

– why am i being approached by people that are not what i want

– how to know if i should say yes or pass on dating someone without having to meet them in person

– become able to figure out all the things i would want in a partner

– how can i find out and separate my standards, my needs, my expectations and my preferences

– what truly matters when i choose a partner

– learn the red flags and how to spot them so that i won’t waste time and feelings

– how to avoid heartache and problems as much as possible

– playing hard to get: don’t “play”, just be real & authentic

– high value person vs high quality person

– why and how to be strong and not settle

– why i keep getting hurt or disappointed and how to avoid it

– in what percentage and areas should my partner be equal or similar to me

– waiting for the perfect complete package person, do they exist?

– important things to check before investing in a relationship

As the website only shows 3 main categories of coaching, please choose any of the categories when booking a session but make sure you specify what you are looking for from the session. Example: “i am looking to be happy single while getting prepared for dating and a future relationship but i also have some health & wellness questions”. You can include as many details as you’d like. Who said sessions have to be focused on a single topic? I am as flexible as needed and we can do mixed sessions in which we can work on multiple fronts to meet all your needs and wants !

If you have questions or need more details, please write to me here:

CarmenMLC @ y a h o o . c o m

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