Singles Journey

A Singles journey isn’t necessarily one that’s easy; however, it can be and is fulfilling.  I’ve heard various Singles mentioned that they are waiting “until I am married” or “until my spouse comes” before they do certain things.  Whether these things include the actions of traveling or purchasing a home, they are waiting.

But in the waiting, are they living?

No one really likes to be put on hold.  Think about being on hold with Customer Service.  The time is ticking by and the music or messages are playing; you’re waiting for the representative to pick up and finally it happens!

So how does this compare to waiting for the spouse or significant other?  One can still be on hold while life is going on around him or her.  The goal is to keep living in the current season.

What are you waiting on?  What is something you’ve put off doing in your Single season that you can begin working on or doing now?

Get to it.

~Coach Lisi

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