Six Tips for Promoting Productivity During “Coronavirus Mayhem”


Lately, everything has shifted. The streets are quiet, people are concerned, and the whole earth suddenly seems subdued. That’s all by way of a virus that has plagued – not only the nation – but the globe. It’s easy to panic. It‘s easy to worry. It’s even easier to allow your much-needed time of rest and rejuvenation to turn into idleness. It’s best to use the remaining time for preparation and learning ourselves on a deeper level.

We are living in the unknown, but in the unknown there is peace, renewal, and innovation. What can we do?

1. Create

There’s a talent you have. Think about it. It comes naturally. You might not be the best at it YET. You might need a lot of refining, but what’s that ONE thing that you’ve been putting off for lack of time and energy? It could be painting, crocheting, setting up a business plan or YouTube channel. You have the time now. Or maybe it’s designing a course, writing a song, or writing that book? Whatever it is, just DO IT. No excuses.

2. Exercise

Do you need to get fit? Now is the time to do so. We get so busy with jobs, family, and friends, that we don’t always have as much time as we’d like to preserve our bodies. Look in the mirror. Really! Take two seconds to look at your whole self in the mirror. Are you proud of what you see? Well, you should be. Our bodies are strong and capable of transforming dramatically with effort. Our design is unique. Take the step to alter what you see for the better, step by step.

  • Maybe you still have to work. Well, has your commute shortened? Then, exercise.
  • Are you working remotely? Then, exercise.

It could be 1 hour, 30 minutes, or even 10 minutes. You owe it to yourself. Plus, evidence points to exercise as a way to elevate mood and improve immunity.

There is no excuse – except, of course, if you have a condition that prevents physical activity.

3. Clean and Organize

This is a fresh start. Dedicate some time to sorting, organizing, cleaning, and maintaining. Plant a garden if that’s calling you. Finish that spring cleaning. Make your space represent you even better than before. If you’re going to practice social distancing and isolation, it might very well be in a space that is conducive to your mental health and wellness.

4. Job Search

Follow up on jobs. Do you work a job you aren’t pleased with? Maybe now is the time to take a step out on faith. You might love your job, but simply want to know what the job market looks like. Do some research. Apply on Indeed. This leads me back to creating. If you haven’t found a job, create that job for yourself. You are gifted and your skills are needed in this world. If you need supplemental income, make it happen. It might not be your passion, but can it lead you where you’re striving to go? Take time to bring your business ideas to fruition.

5. Pamper Yourself

Start caring for yourself the way you know you deserve. Use your best moisturizers. Exfoliate. Take time relaxing in the bath with essential oils and music, instead of doing the usual twenty-minute shower scrub-down. Nourish your hair. Take your vitamin supplements. Drink a gallon of water daily. Light some candles or incense (always be present and keep out of reach of pets and children). Eat quality foods. Limit chemical use. Rework some outfits. Your body is truly your temple. Think of yourself as a queen or king, because you ARE.

6. Pray and Self-Reflect

We are so in control of our lives until we aren’t anymore. No sports. Limitations for school and work. No parties. No movies. No dinners. Reflect on your life. Who are you? Do you even know anymore? Are you filled with anxiety over the existing uncertainty? You might be fully stocked up with toiletries, food, and disinfectant, but nothing can fully ease your mind.

Regardless of your religious affiliation – if any – maybe something greater is calling you. Will you listen? Maybe you didn’t have time for prayer, reflection, meditating, or journaling before. Now you do. Set yourself up in a quiet space and listen. Write down your dreams from the night time and your aspirations in the day. Start asking your Source (i.e. God) for help, vision, and ideas. Really get quiet and be the best listener. Really rest. If you start to tap into your Creator, you may very well see that there is no need to fear or worry. Put your trust in who can be trusted and you will find peace in uncertainty – a peace that surpasses all understanding.

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With love,


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