Small decisions have huge impact

This week I decided that I would share some of the hard truths of divorce with you. As an expert on the subject, I have seen and experienced the highs and lows of the process. One moment you are ecstatic that it will soon be over, and within moments you find yourself crying your eyes out because it hurts so much to lose the dream. 
You experience this yo-yo of emotions that causes you to question your sanity. Some days you wonder if you have lost your mind. All of these wild, raging emotions are part of the process. Somedays, you will focus on the sweet memories, and others all you can remember is the bad. It takes a firm decision to say that when the moments of high and lows come, you will let them exist but, you will not allow them to define the tone of the day. Every day will have challenges and victories, focus on the successes of the day. Wrap the good things in bows and store them in your heart. You are a survivor, an overcomer, and you will get through this season. You still have some fight in you, get up!
This phase of your life journey may have slowed you down, but it didn’t knock you out. You still have some strength in you because my friend, you are a Brillant One!

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