Small steps big victories

Are you working on a big goal right now? If so, what is it? Do you get excited thinking about all your ideas? Are you excited about the impact you’re going to make? Does the thought of living your purpose excite you? Well congratulations. You are on the right track. This is an exciting journey to be on. However, often times we get so caught up on the prize; we get discouraged when we feel like we’re not making the progress we think we should. Or in some cases making progress as fast as we should. You could be on a journey to a new career or in school for that career. Or you could be following your business dreams. Either one has huge rewards in the end. If you’re working to sell products or clothing; you may not sell as much as you think you should have in your first 6 months.  You may offer services such as nails, lashes, hair care, or consulting. You may feel like your service isn’t getting the right amount of traffic as it should. All of those feelings and thoughts are normal. However, one thing I have learned in my journey is to be thankful for the small victories and the small steps. You may not have that career yet, but at least you have your heart set on something. Filling out applications are big steps, especially if you’ve ever been denied a job. Having the courage to keep going is huge. You may not get a lot of traffic right now, but you’ve built yourself up enough to be available to serve someone else. That’s big! You may not be bringing in the money you think you should, but you’re bringing in something. That’s a step! We have to get to a place to where we understand consistent steps of growth is what leads to big victories. Even if your goal is taking a little longer, getting there is like climbing up steps. You’re doing the work to go higher and higher and eventually you will reach the top. I say all that to say this. Nothing really comes overnight. And if we’re being really honest people can have a good first year and essentially have greater years to come. So never beat yourself up or feel like you aren’t where you should be fast enough. Enjoy the journey. Enjoy the personal growth you will experience. Enjoy following your dream. – Lori G. Clark  

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