So, Just What Does Living a Healthy Lifestyle Look??

Let’s talk about what does living a healthy lifestyle look like and how do we go about getting started? The journey begins in our minds. Living a healthy lifestyle is choice that we have to make. We have to decide I want to be healthy. I want to loose weight. I want to get into shape. The decision to live a healthy lifestyle is not an easy one and it is a choice that we make daily.
So, after we have chosen to be healthy, what next? How do you live a healthy lifestyle? What do we do? And how often do we do it? Living a healthy lifestyle entails you being active most days of the week and eating nutritious meals and snacks. Before starting a new workout regimen, be sure to check with your doctor to get a physical and ensure you do not have any health conditions that may prevent you from starting to exercise. Once you are cleared, you will want to start off slow to allow your body time to adjust to becoming more physically active than you may have been in the past.
In the first couple weeks of you beginning your journey, you will want to start off by working out 2-3 times per week for about 20-30 minutes. Always stretch your body and muscles before and after exercise. Choose a form of cardio that works best for you and do not be scared to switch it up and try a variety options. Some of choices include brisk walking, jogging, the elliptical trainer, the treadmill and the bicycle. After a few weeks of regular exercise, you can start increasing the number of days you work out by an extra day or two each week. You can also increase your time per session from 30 working up towards 60 minutes. Working out is a lifestyle so once fully acclimated to being physically active the goal is to work out consistently 4-6 days per week. There are are 7 days in a week and we eat everyday. The objective to living a healthy lifestyle is to be active more days of the week than you are not.
On to eating. What does eating and nutrition look like when one lives a healthy lifestyle? I’m glad you asked!! The key to eating healthy is to remember the purpose that food serves for us. Food is intended to fuel our bodies and provide us with the energy and the nutrients needed to sustain life and stay healthy. Keep this in mind when deciding what you will put into your body. The old saying goes “You are What you Eat” and literally when it comes to how the human body works this is so true!! The body is a well-oiled machine designed to break down all of the food that we consume into particles small enough that they flow throughout our blood stream and to our brain and organs to keep them functioning properly. If we eat foods that have substance and nutrients like vitamins A, B, C, D, E and minerals like beta-carotene, magnesium, phosphorous, manganese, iron and zinc, we can ensure that what’s flowing to our brain and organs is good for our bodies.
Regular meals should include lean sources of protein (ex: chicken breast, fish, plain Greek Yogurt, lean turkey, lean beef, hemp seeds), fruits (ex: strawberries, blueberries, apples), a wide variety of vegetables (ex: spinach, kale, sweet potatoes, broccoli, bell peppers, tomatoes), and good sources of fat (ex: olive oils, avocados, whole nuts.) You should eat more vegetables per day than fruit. Daily servings for fruit should be 2-3 while vegetables should be around 3-5 servings. Keep in mind that fruit is still a form of sugar. The fruits that are healthier options and have the least amount of sugar in them are fruits that are some form of “berries”.
Stay away from processed foods and junk food such as chips, donuts, candy, soda, juice, bread, butter, fast foods and fried foods. These are the foods that our bodies have trouble breaking down and where you get into having clogged arteries and health issues. These foods should be eaten in moderation. They are filler and comfort foods that do not provide our bodies any fuel because they lack the essential nutrients obtained from vitamins and minerals. This is why after stuffing ourselves with these types of foods we are still hungry because though they may satisfy a craving they do nothing to fill the fuel gap our bodies needed. And people, please don’t drink your calories!!! Hydrate your body with water!!
There you have it. Summed up, living a healthy lifestyle looks like exercising and being physically active 4-6 days per week and eating nutritious foods regularly. If I had throw a number out, I would say eating nutritiously 85-90 % of the time is a good ratio.
Is it easy? No not all all! You will be tempted daily to eat foods that are bad for you because it’s easier and can seem more convenient. There will be days you will not want to work out and a million excuses that will come up as to why you shouldn’t. Though not easy, it’s definitely worth it!! That’s why the first step is choosing to be healthy and to make the decision to change your lifestyle. And guess what? You can do this!! You have nothing to loose and everything to gain. Strong Mind. Strong Body. Until Next Time!

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